Marble Floor Cleaning

Marble Floor Cleaning

Did you know that you marble floor cleaning is the ideal way to get your marble floors looking new again? Over time marble floors will start to dull. This is because of the wear and tear of foot traffic. Because of the nature of marble this can fixed. Our marble cleaning service is ideal for getting your marble floors back to their original finish.

Bring the shine back to your Marble floors

Marble is a extremely durable and hard wearing stone. Because of this we can grind and polish marble so that it can be returned to original state. This is a process that can be repeated many times. This means that you can keep your marble floors looking like new. The grouting in marble tile can cleaned and polished and make it look seamless.

marble cleaning IrelandHave look at the picture above to see the results we can achieve. Classic Marble are Ireland’s leading specialist in marble. We have worked with marble experts in Asia to learn the best techniques for making marble look great. It is this knowledge that will make your marble floors look great all the time.

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