Marble Services

Classic Marble have a wide range of Marble services that includes Cleaning, Polishing and Repair. They also have a grout cleaning service for all tiled surfaces.

marble floor repair

  • Marble Cleaning: We are experts at cleaning all Marble surfaces.
  • Marble Polishing: A Marble floor can be brought back to is original condition with Marble Polishing.
  • Installing Marbles Floors: We are experts at installing seamless feel Marble floors.
  • Grout Cleaning: Have the grout cleaned on any tiled surface. This will make the tiled surface look cleaner.
  • Repairs: We can repair¬†Marble and Travertine tiles.
  • Installing Staircases

Classic marble are experts with Marble.There is no other service like this in Ireland. So if you are thinking of getting any Marble surface installed, cleaned or repaired  Call Terry at 087-2636008

Bespoke Marble Staircase: We work with an expert stone cutter and together can produce bespoke Marble Staircases. With our knowledge in Marble we can produce a seamless feel marble staircase. Your staircase will look like it was made form one piece of marble. The marble is cut with specialist tools. This means less pieces of marble are used and gives the marble a seamless feel.