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About Us

Seamless Feel Marble Floors

Seamless Feel Marble HallwayClassic Marble are Irelands only installers of seamless feel marble floors. Using the same methods that are used in Europe and Asia to give an outstanding finish. If you have been on holiday and wondered how they get the marble to look so good, well that service is now available in Ireland.

Marble tiles need to be installed differently to standard porcelain tiles. The tiles are matched and laid out. Ten a 1mm gap is left and the tiles are grouted. Then by grinding and polishing the marble seven times using a diamond pad the floor is returned to its factory finish. Even though the marble is laid as tiles once the process is finished it will look and feel like a solid marble floor. This is why they are called seamless feel marble floors.

No more dirty grout joints

This method will leave the grout joint almost invisible. It ensures that the tile and grout are level so when you clean you tiles, you are cleaning the grout. The floor is level so no lippage causing furniture and clothes to get snagged.

Dust Free

All our work is dust free. We use special discs, water and a wet vacuum to keep the area dust free.

Bespoke Features

We design and build concrete and marble stair cases to order. Working in partnership with a concrete supplier and installer, together we can offer custom built, bespoke features in your home or business


Maintenance is simple and we will advice you on how to maintain marble.

No more mopping! Using a buffer machine and diamond pads, maintaining your floor is effortless. Using the buffer and pad is easy and your floor will keep its new look. We supply the buffer and the pads so it couldn’t be easier.


We will show you how to maintain your floors and supply with all the equipment required.


We deal directly with our marble suppliers to give the best quality and value. Because we deal directly we get the best quality marble tiles which give us a greater range. This allows us to give you more options when you decide on a marble floor.